Breweries and distilleries

Discover the brewing and distilling crafts of Haguenau through its renowned breweries and distilleries.

Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere of local breweries, savor craft beers brewed with passion, and explore a palette of unique flavors. For a more refined experience, visit local distilleries where exquisite spirits, such as eaux-de-vie and liqueurs, are meticulously crafted.

These establishments offer a captivating immersion into the art of beverage creation, inviting visitors to taste the authenticity of local flavors and appreciate Haguenau's artisanal heritage.


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Uberach craft brewery - Brasserie_Uberach

Uberach craft brewery

Val de Moder
Since 1999, the Uberach brewery has been bringing back to life the brewing past of Val de Moder by creating…
Brasserie Les Semblables - ©Brasserie Les Semblables

Les Similar Brewery

Discover a varied choice of craft beers in bottles and barrels soon to be labeled Nature…
Hepp Distillery - Yannick Hepp

Hepp Distillery

Val de Moder
The Hepp distillery is more than 40 years of family traditions! It is distinguished by its ...
Villa Meteor - © Le Beau Jardin

Villa Meteor

Villa Meteor is an unmissable brewery tourist stop in Alsace! It was necessary…
Sandhaas Brewery - Sandhaas Brewery

The Sandhaas Brewery

Created in 2022, the “Brasserie du Sandhaas” is what is more commonly called a brewery of…
Septénaire microbrewery - Septénaire microbrewery

Septénaire microbrewery

The Microbrasserie du Septénaire is: - A pub with 7 taps on tap and a small…
Microbrewery - The refuge - © P. Groslier

Microbrewery - The refuge

The artisanal microbrewery - Le Refuge offers to welcome you in its tasting area in…