Gourmet activities and visits

Beer, pretzels, wine, schnapps (brandy): you drink it, you eat it, AND you can visit it!

Here in the Pays de Haguenau, discover and taste Alsace through the gourmet experiences offered by our partners.

Start by learning the secrets of beer making and brewing hops in breweries (the Uberach craft brewery or the Meteor Villa).

Then, to accompany a beer, you have to taste the famous Alsatian pretzel: direction la pretzel factory to know the mysteries of its form, its recipe and its origin.

Then make way for wine tasting. And yes, with us too! 30 minutes north of Haguenau, the Cleebourg Wine Cellar is the only vineyard located in northern Alsace. Thanks to the diversity of soils and the optimal exposure enjoyed by the hillsides, the Cleebourg Winery offers a wide range of high quality wines.

And finally, why not discover the famous “schnapps” (brandy or liqueur) around which Alsatians like to finish a good meal? To the Hepp artisanal distillery from Uberach, you will find these flavors of distilled fruit thanks to more than 40 years of family traditions.

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Cleebourg winery - © Cave de Cleebourg

Cleebourg wine cellar

Located on the northern part of the Alsace wine route, the wine cellar invites you to…
Farm Adam - Farm ADAM

Adam Farm

The Ferme ADAM store offers farm products directly produced on the farm ...
Craft brewery - Brasserie_Uberach

Craft brewery

Val de Moder
Manufacture and sale of craft beers and gift boxes. Guided tours and tastings…
Alélor & Domaine des Terres Rouges - ©Tourist Office of Niederbronn-les-Bains

Alélor & Domaine des Terres Rouges

The Alélor-Domaine des Terres Rouges company, founded in 1873, is today the only company ...
The domain of the Buffaloes - OTP

The domain of the Bufflonnes

Le domaine des bufflonnes offers you its artisanal and original products. All of our ...
Sautter Pom'Or - © Sautter Pom'Or

Skip Pom'Or

Alsatian family business, we specialize in the development of fruit juices,…
Microbrewery - The refuge - Raphaël GILLET

Microbrewery - The refuge

The artisanal microbrewery - Le Refuge offers to welcome you in its tasting area in…
Bredele Shop - © Bredele

Bredele store

Check out this store in Roeschwoog which carries the delicious name of “Bredele Boutique”. Aude and ...
The Bretzel Factory - ©OTi Alsace Verte/Cédric SCHELL

The Bretzels Factory

Want to go out today? Discover the history of pretzel! What…
Brandt Farm - Arbogast -

Brandt Farm - Arbogast

The Brandt Arbogast Farm is located in Harthouse, near Haguenau. Reasoned cultivation, fruit ...
Chocolaterie Daniel Stoffel - Chloé Hourt

Daniel Stoffel Chocolate Factory

Created in an old mill by Master Chocolatier and father Daniel Stoffel, the…
The Dumoulin Lab - The Mill Lab

The Dumoulin Lab

Le Labo Dumoulin is a young company based in Bischwiller producing raw organic food and…
Villa Meteor - Marie-Helene Mattern

Villa Meteor

Since October 2016, Alsace has had a new brewing tourist stage! It was necessary…

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