Vroom vroom! See you at Locks Adventure...

Get ready for a unforgettable experience this summer at the Haguenau sports park!
Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Mille Et Une Bornes Grandeur Nature, an exhilarating activity that promises to add a dose ofadrénaline to your dayssummer. Whether you are a adventurer seasoned or a neophyte in search of new sensations, this event is for you!

The Adventure Starts Here

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of your vehicle, the road map spread out in front of you, each kilometer traveled bringing you a little closer to your goal: achieving the 1001 terminals. But be careful, this won't be a simple walk in the park! At every stopping point, exciting challenges await you. These challenges, ranging from fun to truly bold, will allow you to Win between 25 and 201 terminals depending on your success.

However, road. is fraught with pitfalls. Endless speed limits, red lights capricious, running out of fuel or even punctures could well slow down your progress. And if that wasn't enough, a penalty could force you to take a challenge extra to continue your journey.

Locks Adventure - 1001 terminals

An Experience For All

This role play full-scale is designed for teams of 2 to 4 players, welcoming participants from the age of 6 . This is the ideal opportunity to strengthen the family ties or friends, all in having fun together.

Why Participate?

Participate in A Thousand and One Life-Size Terminals, it is much more than a simple game. It's a real adventure where every detour, every challenge and every victory will bring you a little closer to the 1001 terminals. Come and live a unique experience in Alsace, where laughter, strategies and moments memorable ones will be there.

Pack your bags, gather your team and join us for a day full of challenges and surprises. Will you reach 1001 milestones?

Practical information
- Place : Haguenau Sports Park
- Price: 10€ per person
- Mandatory reservation : https://locksadventure.fr/1001-bornes/

See you soon on the 1001 terminals route!

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