Meet passionate people! # 3

We decided toe give the floor to our partners who do the wealth and diversity of our territory.

Six craftsmen have agreed to talk to us about them, their passion and their profession in pictures. Discover through this series of articles their know how.

Meet our artisan potters from Betschdorf and Soufflenheim  which are the pride of our destination!

Siegrfried Burger Pottery in Soufflenheim
Mathieu Remmy Pottery in Betschdorf
Wehrling store in Soufflenheim

Peggy wehrling, potter Soufflenheim

Peggy, potter in Soufflenheim, presents her creations all in colors, as well as her feminine touch which she brings to give modernity has his culinary and decorative pottery.

Matthew Remmy, potter in Betschdorf

Mathieu Remmy is the thirteenth generation family potter. He reveals the pottery techniques with stoneware and Betschdorf salt.

Mark Siegfried, potter at Soufflenheim

Marc is here sixth generation of his family's potter. In the respect of the craft industry and this ancient artral which still continues in Soufflenheim, he presents his company to us.