Record temperatures, everyone out!

This spring weather invites us to enjoy the sun and outdoor activities. Find in this article, 3 ideas to make lots of vitamins D.

Valérie Waechter - Forest in You

Get on your bike in the Exceptional Forest of Haguenau

The Exceptional Forest® of Haguenau is so vast and so rich, that to appreciate its landscapes and all its biodiversity requires take time. To browse a large part of it, the bike remains the best way!

A route endlessly, without height difference and accessible to all, is possible to travel its forest roads (calm and asphalt). Passing by the Hundshof wash house, the Grundel ponds, and even near the ornithological observatory for the bravest who will make the entire loop, it is the ideal bike ride for a day full of discoveries !

Practical Info : Bike loop to discover the Exception® forest, 37 km. Shortcut possible via a connecting route (not marked out) for a 16,5 km loop. Location of bikes and electric bikes possible with Vélo'Ritmo at Haguenau station. Download the itinerary here Before leaving.

A complete map of forest walks (cycling, mountain biking, hiking, Nordic walking, fitness trail) is available at the Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office.

Haguenau Forest - Tourist Office
Haguenau Forest - Tourist Office
Haguenau Forest - Tourist Office

Share the region's first picnic

In the forest, in the countryside, in town, in a park or around a playground to delight your children….nothing better a picnic or a snack outside.

The moment of consume local and to honor to local producers ! To garnish your basket you will take: cheese from the Bufflones farm, chocolate from the chocolate maker Stoffel, Boehli pretzels and fruit juice from Sautter Pom'Or.

And to soak up the local atmosphere of our towns and villages, nothing like meeting the local in our beautiful markets. For a heritage setting, one of the most emblematic is the bi-weekly Haguenau market, under the Halle aux Houblons.

Want even more?

You look for other ideas of local products : come see us at the Tourist Office, we have so many addresses to share with you!

And on the playground side in Haguenau

You only have spoiled for choice : Parc des Berges de la Moder (and its sports and well-being area), Parc des Sports, Parc de la Gare, Au Moulin du Cours de la Décapole, at La Musau (rue Lafayette), at the Lotissement la Chêne, in the neighborhood Les Pins, Gros Chêne en forêt, Metzgerhof district or even Parc Bellevue.

Playground © Cyrille Fleckinger
Playground © Cyrille Fleckinger

Take the forest path "From here and elsewhere" in Brumath

Staked fun and educational equipment on a 2,7 km course in the Brumath forest, this circular path designed for families is made up of three loops and rich in discoveries: INSA students invest it each year with new ephemeral creations relating to Land'Art.

And to go further in the promenade, it is possible to take thee Waldstressel, leading directly from the Brumath forest on the outskirts of the Zorn. From one trail to another ... and join the Abfluss !

The path de l'Abfluss is embellished with an interpretive trail on the theme of water, source of life and activities. It crosses the Zorn and brings you directly, on foot, from rue de la forêt to rue du Moulin Goepp.

The proposed path is an invitation to discovery, complementary to the “From here and elsewhere” trail, retracing the life of the site and its history. The benches set up offer the possibility for walkers to sit down, take a break, listen to birdsong or observe fishermen.

All the information about the course here.

Brumath Forest
Brumath Forest
Brumath Forest
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