Our ideas from July 18 to 25 in the Pays de Haguenau!

Whether you live in the region or are staying in our magnificent region, you still have many places to see and beautiful encounters and trails await you! The Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office gives you tips for a successful day or stay, which will definitely make you fall in love with our destination!

As for guided tours

Explanations around the sundials and the astronomical clock - July 22 at 18 p.m. 

Explanation of sundial place Charles de Gaulle, dial de customs then someAstronomical Clock located on the tower Alsatian MuseumBook right now your place at theTourist Office.

The canivet or the art of decoupage - July 23 at 15 p.m. 

Michèle, image artist creates unique pieces according to canivet technique. Dive into a universe de poetry and grace entering his workshop that she presents to you with passion.

Guided tour "in the footsteps of Claude Vigée" - July 24 at 14:30 p.m.

Learn more about Claude Vigeewriters et poet internationally recognized and native of Bischwiller, by carrying out the guided tour "In the footsteps of Claude Vigée" where you will go to the discovery of places dear to the author.

Astronomical clock
The canivet or the art of decoupage
Claude Vigee

On the side of nature

Haguenau Forest Hidden Treasures Program

On the trail of the charcoal burners - July 23 at 14:30 p.m.

Let yourself Transportation by discovery by activity formerly practiced in Undivided Forest of Haguenau during a commented visit de l 'Charcoal area.

St Arbogast Festival at Gros Chêne - July 24 at 14 p.m. 

THEAssociation socio-cultural household Saint Nicholas of Haguenau organize the St Arbogast party au Big Oak in the program : outdoor mass, aperitif. THE'ambiance is ensured by theorchestra « the Sandhaases ».

Charbonniers area
St Arbogast Festival at Gros Chêne

On the side of experiences 

Restaurant - Lisula

Ingrid and Sylvain invite you to savor their traditional Corsican dishes. Copious et tasty, they will make you voyager not far from your home: a small piece of Corsica en Alsace !

Exhibition "Painting under glass, sculpting in space" by Nenad Levatic

Le popular image museum presents the works de Nenad Levatic, thirty years after a first exposure within its walls, bringing to light theevolution of his job and recent creations.

The Guinguette des Intenables

Installed at heart of the station park,untenable invites you to discover its Guinguette. In a frame welcoming et warm, you can throughout thesummer enjoy a relaxing, An refresh or good meal and participate in a festive program et musical custom made ! 

Restaurant Lisula
Exhibition “Painting under glass, sculpting in space” by Nenad Levatic
The Guinguette ©des Intenables

On the leisure side

Werewolf - July 23 at 19 p.m. 

Adventurers, Adventurers, in this cooperative party game, werewolves have infiltrated among innocent villagers, every night a victim is devoured... Which villagers or werewolves will be eliminated first ? Animated by a game Master who can create a conducive atmosphere and transport you in his universe, each participant embodies character. Would you rather be werewolf ? Villager ? lights ? Witches ? Or another character? 

Mandatory reservation near Locks Adventure.

Bax bowling 

A space of 6500 m² dedicated to leisure ! of the hours of entertainment are waiting for you small et great : 28 bowling alleys, for an laser games, for an mini golf neon Goolfy, a kids parkTwo escape games, billiards, baby foot, the arcade games room, bumper cars, for an bar and seminar rooms.

BAX Bowling

On the entertainment side

Open air festival 2022 - July 22 and 23 

In July, Dauendorf will be the center of attention and will host one of the most big festivals de l 'summer en Northern Alsace. In the program : DJ Otzi, Geri des Klostertaler, Robin Leon, Nancy Frank, Vroni, orchestras Madison Top et Lipstick.

Ernest show - July 22 at 20 p.m.

Top hat on tailcoat, solemnity and obscurity worn with class to fantasize a rock of the good old days. ERNST, character sometimes tender and dreamy, sometimes cynical and screaming, evokes the universe mixed withAndersen and Gainsbourg.

Concert evenings - 22 and 23 July at 18 p.m.

THESports and Leisure Office meet you this year, in the park of the new Thurot eco-district for traditional evenings concerts de l 'summer de 18h30 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX) à 23h45 (UTC -XNUMX:XNUMX). Come ignite the dancefloor

Open Air Festival 2022
Concert evenings
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