Our essentials for a perfect stay!

There are discoveries that are inevitable on a destination ... We present here our best recommendations!

Haguenau city center

Strolls, curiosities and friendly atmosphere all year round!

Walking around downtown Haguenau is like tasting the atmosphere of a "small big city", lively all year round. The pedestrian and the historical patrimony of this city, which saw big names such as Barberousse and Richard Coeur de Lion go by, have a lot to tell you…

Discover the city for a visit or with an audio guide, have a drink or a meal on the terrace, stroll from shop to shop, or even vibrate to the rhythm of the events that enliven the city, there are so many opportunities to savor Haguenau! Let yourself be carried away by this city which is at the same time historic, modern and dynamic.
Other towns and villages in the territory also offer walking tours in order to discover heritage, landscapes and hidden treasures (circuit of the frescoes painted in Pfaffenhoffen, path of the poets and green fabric in Bischwiller,…).

Haguenau fountain
Sandhaas Rabbit

The Haguenau Forest

Going "green" ... in an exceptional place

La Haguenau forest is a place of leisure but also a fascinating universe. Sixth largest lowland forest in France, there are 650 tumili (funerary remains dating from prehistoric times), as well as many trees remarkable for their size, their history or the rarity of their essence.

A stroll in the forest of Haguenau is the discovery of a history, a precious fauna and flora, which can be appreciated on foot or by bike on many marked trails or the time of a organized outing. And for the curious, why not soak up the forest while discovering a more unusual activity, such as forest bathing?...

Haguenau forest - Zvardon credit
Gros Chêne Chapel - Zvardon credit


An invitation to travel!

Immerse yourself in the history of Haguenau, Bischwiller and Pfaffenhoffen through their museums!

Au museum of the popular image, you can discover how this tradition has enriched the Alsatian heritage since the middle of the 18th century; while at Laub museum, you will learn more about the textile industry that shaped life and the city in Bischwiller. If the museums History et Alsatian de Haguenau have something in common to impress with their magnificent buildings, the first allows you to cross the different eras while the other presents the art of living in Alsace. Finally, more unusual: always in Haguenau, a Baggage Museum, open on Saturdays and Sundays, presents a collection of trunks, suitcases and luggage dating from the 18th century to today. A visit that transports us to the world of luxury and high-end brands ...
Other museums are to be discovered on the territory.

Historical Museum of Haguenau - credit Laurène Philippot
Baggage Museum

The potters' villages

Soufflenheim and Betschdorf

Visit the villages of Soufflenheim et BetschdorfIs meet passionate artisans, enter their workshops and shops, see them shape and decorate the rooms, and necessarily: fall for a pottery that will decorate your interior or adorn a beautiful table to receive!

The village of Soufflenheim still has a dozen potters who produce traditional, modern and colorful pieces. In Betschdorf, the last potters still in activity continue the technique of salt sandstone pottery, which a cobalt blue applied before cooking enhances.

Soufflenheim Pottery - credit Cyrille Fleckinger
Soufflenheim potter's workshop - credit Cyrille Fleckinger
Pottery subjects - C Fleckinger
Soufflenheim and Betschdorf pottery - credit Cyrille Fleckinger

Some hops notes…

With the Uberach and Meteor breweries

Because the Land of Haguenau is also a land of hops! You can see it all over the territory in summer with the hop fields and their elegant vines, weighed down by hop cones awaiting harvest at the end of August… For an immersion in this universe, and (above all) for a tasting of the drink that will ensue (in moderation of course), go to the Uberach Brewery (craft brewery), or at the Meteor Villa which offers a discovery trail retracing the history of this great Alsatian name!

Hopper - credit Céline Schnell A Girl In Alsace

Family activities

At Brumath Adventure Park

Whatever the season, young and old will be delighted to spend a day by the Brumath body of water. Le Adventure Park offers a multitude of activities over a large part of the year! Several tree climbing courses for all levels and a zip line course are available; and, in the height of summer, a multitude ofwater activities which allow you to refresh your ideas (paddle, pedal boat, water skiing, swimming,…).

Brumath water plan - credit Cyrille Fleckinger
Brumath water body beach - credit Cyrille Fleckinger
Zipline at Brumath Adventure Park - credit Cyrille Fleckinger

A trip "to Boehli"

To discover the famous pretzel ...

… Because yes, in Alsace, we say "a" pretzel! Boehli, a famous brand of aperitif pretzels, opens its doors to present the history and the making of this little savory cookie known throughout the world. The Pretzel Factory, much more than a museum, is a real fun, interactive and gourmet tour, installed in the heart of the Boehli factory for a unique and flavorful experience.

Bretzels - credit Franck Kobi


To immerse yourself in the spirit of conviviality of our territory!

No one can understand the festive and warm spirit of the Alsatians if they have not taken part in a local event where families and friends meet. In the Pays de Haguenau, we are fortunate to have many events throughout the year. The two major annual events, which the Haguenovians would not miss for anything in the world, are the Hop Festival in August and Haguenau Christmas market at the end of the year.

Come dance to the rhythm of world music in the streets of Haguenau (3rd week of August), then come back and immerse yourself in a magical and magical Advent season atmosphere (the 4 Sundays before Christmas) at the end of the month November!

Other events, more unusual, give us an appointment every two years for more surprises: this is the case of the Feast of Fifres in Bischwiller and the Summerlied Festival in Ohlungen.

Summerlied Festival
Hop Festival
TMT Photos Credit Hop Festival
Christmas in Haguenau credit Cyrille Fleckinger

The Maginot line

Discovering a unique memory heritage

Defensive line and remarkable vestige of the Second World War, the Maginot Line crosses Alsace from north to south for almost 200km. Several fascinating works have been restored to welcome visitors and bear witness to this organization. Forts and casemates open their doors and in Hatten, a museum (the shelter museum) was built around an old bunker to better convey the memory of the tragic events that took place in this sector of Alsace.

Caschate Esch

Other escapades

Discovering northern Alsace

20 minutes by train from Strasbourg, the Haguenau country is also an excellent starting point for exploring Alsace off the beaten track. For those who know the region, treasures are bound to be discovered all around us!

Take a ride at Wissembourg, "medieval" pearl of northern Alsace, as well as in the villages of Hunspach ("Plus Beaux Villages de France®") and Seebach (which offers its famous Streisselhochzeit, re-enactment of a period peasant wedding over an entire weekend in July). Not far from there, the most northern vineyard in Alsace, the Cleebourg wine cellar, opens its doors to you to taste its wines and crémants. And go through Rural House of the Overseas Forest in Kustzenhausen - small eco-museum which is the pride of Northern Alsace. For families with young children, a trip to the amusement park Didiland will perfectly complement the stay; while those who wish to take a relaxing break, alone or as a couple, will stop at the Source of the Senses also in Morsbronn-les-Bains… A little further north, near the Vosges du Nord Regional Natural Park, the Lalique museum offers a discovery in the world of the famous eponymous crystal factory.

Northern Alsace - credit Cyrille Fleckinger