The Estivales au Pays de Haguenau are back!

For the second consecutive year, the Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office is taking advantage of the summer season to promote and reveal to visitors, locals and tourists the unusual facets of the territory through its program of visits. Curious, gourmet, culture or nature lovers... We promise, there will be something for everyone!

A summer in Alsace

Highlight activities, business et passionate individuals et authenticity for the Haguenau Agglomeration Community and beyond, while allowing visitors to go to their meet and discovery du local soil Alsatian : this is the objective set by the tourist office which enriches its program " Unusual visits and discoveries "with more than 100 dates, new products, favorites, and always safe bets for to escape and fill up with good times shared.

History in the spotlight

This second edition marks the return of the traditional history fridays in Haguenau dedicated to the city's past, its monuments and his cultural heritage., but also to anecdotes and aspects more unusual. Of stationary visits or in the form of walks, led by members of the History and Archeology Society who will offer new themes such as metamorphoses of the station and its surroundings or women of Haguenau.

Summer will also be conducive to reconnecting with the cultural heritage. who does the richness of the territory, Brumath Archaeological Museum going through the Laub Museum, House of the Arts and theatrical visits in Bischwiller, and by the workshops. du Popular Image Museum of Val-de-Moder. Further north, the Walbourg Memorial Museum dedicated to liberation of northern Alsace and local history from 1870 to 1945 will give you a personalized welcome.

An ever more varied outing program

Places unusual usually inaccessible to the general public will reopen their doors: the hop dryer in the hamlet of Hundshof, where you can also discover a collection ofobjects of Alsatian rural life of yesteryear, just like theArk of Biodiversity, arboretum which contains hundreds of essences oftrees around the world in Niederschaeffolsheim. On the side of artisans, it will be possible to explore behind the scenes of the Blumenroeder organ factory or from the workshop baggage restoration « The corner trunk ", while the organs de l 'Kriegsheim church and Marienthal basilica will wake up in Music courses to the delight of our ears.

Personalized met with local producers of the agglomeration are also planned. While Brandt-Arbogast Farm in Harthouse will invite you to pick blueberries, Buffalo area in Uhrwiller will make you meet its cattle and taste the famous Alsatian mozzarella which is talked about all over France... This year, the Fermented food du Dumoulin Lab in Bischwiller, the culture of oyster mushrooms in Batzendorf or the vintage distillers Oberhoffen-sur-Moder will expand the offer of visits. Without forgetting the Alsatian brewers who will always be there: the Septenary in Niedermodern and Similar in Mietesheim will join the brasseries Uber et The Refuge to reveal their know-how and you do savor a beer very fresh!

Solidarity and responsible visits

The 2023 edition opens up to the themes of solidarity and eco-responsibility. Thus, new visits will offer the discovery of production workshops and restaurant de l 'Social Establishment for Help through Work (ESAT) from Haguenau as well as from educational farm and Sonnenhof Foundation Museum in Bischwiller. At Smith of Haguenau-Saverne, it will be about the waste recovery and their transformation into energy.

The enthusiasts for the nature will not be outdone, with three remarkable gardens à explorer by appointment, outings in the forest of Haguenau in the program " Hidden treasures », an introduction to benefits for the forest bathing and an invitation to marvel in front, there source Saint-Ulrich from Wittersheim…

You will understand, the treasures du Haguenau country are just waiting to be detected… So mark your calendars!


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