International Beer Day, August 7

The hop fields proudly cap our hills with their large lianas, full or not depending on the season.

But do you really know the history of hops?

In Haguenau, the history of hops (hopfe in Alsatian) begins in 1805 with the brewer Francois-Ignace Derendinger who, faced with a shortage of hops, decides to go get 800 sprouts in Saaz, in Bohemia. The then prefect supported him in his approach, and the culture developed thanks to suitable land and climate : sand close to the forest, luminous hills, deep soils, etc. Haguenau therefore stands out as stronghold of the hop trade.

Hop fields, © Céline Schnell

Today we still meet others traces of this brewing past on the territory. The Hops Market in Haguenau is the most worthy representative: built in 1867, it was LE quintessential hop market! Today it hosts a bi-weekly market.

In Haguenau, at the corner of rue du Bouc and Grand-Rue, a lion sign marks the former location of the Derendinger brewery (our famous hop importer), and a little further on, the Customs room covers its teaches the brewer's star.

Le Hop Festival coincides with the start of harvest hops in the area.

Haguenau hop hall, © Céline Schnell
Haguenau hop hall market, © Céline Schnell

Hops are therefore not just a thing of the past here!

The territory now hosts an artisanal brewery: the Uberach brewery, in Val de Moder and the Meteor brewery, in Hochfelden.

Meteor Brewery

In one fabulous site, live a unique and fun experience around beer making and history of METEOR from 1640 to the present day, through testimonials people who participate in this adventure. Learn about tasting and join the big METEOR family.

The bottles from the Méteor brewery have been part of the Alsatian landscape and tables for a long time. Located in Hochfelden.

Limitation of groups to 10 people maximum. Wearing a mask recommended but not compulsory. Reservations strongly recommended at The team reserves the right to limit access in the event of excessive use of the site or the store. Find all the information on their website.

Hop plantation, © VillaMETEOR
Bar Brasserie, © VillaMETEOR

Uberach Brewery

Installed here since 1999, Uberach brewery revive the brewing past of the Val de Moder by creating artisanal specialty beers. It produces more than 6000 hectoliters annually and a range of twenty beers for all tastes (including organic beers). Fruits of the sun and the wonders of the Alsatian terroir, the tasting beers offered by the brewery combine quality and originality. The brewers of Uberach put in each of their creation all their passionTheir fancy and their imagination.

During the visit, you will discover the history of beer, anecdotes, the brewing past of the Val de Moder, discover the raw materials, the beer-making process, you will visit the facilities, and you will end with a tasting of the products of Brewery.

The brewer Éric Trossat is largely involved in the revival of craft beer in the region.

Every Thursday and Friday, in July and August, at 10:30 am and 16:30 pm. Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Adult price: € 4,50 and free for children under 18. On prior registration, at Wearing a mask is compulsory.

Brewery, © Brewery Uberach
Uberach Brewery, © Céline Schnell

Grandma's trick : Did you know: a few hop cones under the pillow, it's guaranteed peaceful sleep!


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