Discovery route between Haguenau and Hunspach

Many of you pass by our office asking us the route to reach Hunspach (18km from Haguenau), recently elected " Favorite village of the French »Live on France 3! In this article we offer you a getaway through some picturesque villages of northern Alsace next to Haguenau. An ideal circuit to soak up traditions and heritage of Alsace and Overseas!

Departure from Haguenau, towards the potters' villages

Soufflenheim (15 km from Haguenau)

This step will allow you to explore potters and their know-how ancestral. Do not hesitate to take the step of their shops where everyone has their own style and colors. These pottery culinary use mainly, were able to follow the evolution and add tcontemporary ouches to their creations.

Betschdorf (+ 10 km)

Other traditional village de potters (even if there are less than in the village of Soufflenheim), you will discover a second method of manufacture as well as a different use of pottery. Essentially decorative, these will certainly find a place in your interior. The pottery museum will also welcome you in a beautiful half-timbered farm.

Mathieu Remmy Betschdorf
Soufflenheim Cyrille Fleckinger

After the potters' villages, take the direction of Kuhlendorf

Kuhlendorf (+ 3km)

This is where you will find yourself face to face with the only half-timbered church in Alsace, built in 1820! This church also hosted the school. You can enter it from the side.



Continuation of the route towards Rittershoffen

Rittershoffen (+ 2,7 km)

This village, almost entirely rebuilt after the fighting in January 1945, is worth a stop to discover the magnificent stained glass window in the facade of Saint Gall Church, which is unique by its colored surface. It is a masterpiece of artist Tristan Ruhlman.

Hoffen (+ 3,7 km)

In Hoffen, we pass the colonnade of the old town hall to discover one of the most beautiful sets of half-timbered houses of northern Alsace. At the end of the street stands beside the well a tree of freedom planted in 1848. We take the opportunity to linger in the shade of this lime tree or take a pose in front of the carefully flowered houses who deserve a Instagram spot!


Hunspach (+ 3,5 km)

That's it, there you are! Class " Most beautiful villages in France ", Hunspach, selected to represent Grand Est on the France 3 program" The Favorite Village of the French ", Was named grand winner on Wednesday July 1, 2020. The village of Hunspach, real nugget of northern Alsace, stands out for the richness of its heritage and its living traditions. White half-timbered houses, half-timbered roofs, curved glass panes, farmhouses of yesteryear and typical pendulum shafts make the cunique and authentic Hunspach weapon and the Overseas.

We don't forget to go to the Kelsch'Idées shop, a shop located on a farm that offers objects from crafts and Alsatian decoration, a lovely universe! And for a gourmet break, we sit down  At the Au Cerf restaurant, to taste many regional culinary specialties.

Seebach (+ 5km)

Seebach is a real Favorite of the Tourist Office team, do not miss a detour! Village renowned for its beautiful half-timbered houses wisely lined up along its streets, Seebach has kept from its past a typically Alsatian picturesque stamp just as remarkable as Hunspach. Abundantly flowering geraniums in summer, it is built according to a scale plan: its two parallel streets are connected by three transverse streets. This structure demarcates the Protestant quarter and the Catholic quarter of the village.

Steinseltz (+ 7,5 m)

We enter here into another world, that of the wine growers. The houses are smaller, built on tall masonry cellars pierced by porches built to let barrels pass. On leaving the village, the only vineyard located in the north of Alsace extends to the forest which covers the Vosges peaks.

Cleebourg (+ 5km)

The road leads us to the wine cellar where you can taste the local production. The Cleebourg vineyard part of the Alsace wine route. From the cellar, three marked hiking trails allow you to discover the vineyard.

Return to Haguenau

Rural House of the Overseas Forest

The return on Haguenau can be done by Rural House of the Overseas, charming " ecomuseum »From the north of Alsace, located in an old farmhouse, a real place of discovery of the Alsatian heritage and popular arts and traditions in Alsace which immerses you in Alsatian life at the beginning of the 19th century.

Take the time to stop just before surbourg, on the website of the Chapel of Notre Dame des Tilleuls. Very nice view of the region.

And Haguenau!

Of course, your ideal starting and ending point for a day exploring the typical villages of Northern Alsace! Take the time to to stroll in our pedestrian streets, to discover our cultural heritage. thanks to our audioguide, to visit our Historical Museum, to take advantage of our many terraces... We look forward to seeing you !

St Georges de Haguenau Church
Haguenau terrace
Haguenau theater square
Haguenau Fishermen's Tower
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