Forest fires: preventive measures against fire outbreaks

The City of Haguenau recalls that the climatic context that we are currently experiencing (exceptional rainfall deficit added to the high temperatures) generates a major risk of fire for the forest massif and reminds citizens to respect safety rules.

Forest fire vigilance panel © City of Haguenau

“In just a few days, a forest area equivalent to our forest was destroyed by the fires in Gironde. Beyond the danger to people and property, it is our local biodiversity and our heritage that are threatened in these periods of recurrent summer drought! »

Françoise Delcamp, forest advisor.


In order to avoid any risk of a fire starting, each of us mustto be vigilant and D'adopt the right reflexes nearby and in the forest of Haguenau.

In France, 9 out of 10 fires are of human origin!

In this summer period, at a time when the vegetation is very dry, it is advisable to: 

  • No smoking in the forest, nor in the woods, nor near it. Do not throw cigarette butts through the car window.
  • Camp only in authorized, secure and protected places.
  • Don't use his vehicle that on allowed paths.
  • Respect the access bans in certain wooded areas in risk period.
  • Do not barbecue whatever the fuel.
  • When for his parking, favor hard surfaces in order to avoid the risk of burning dry grass by contact with the exhaust pipe.
  • Do not start work or carry out activities likely to generate Sparks.
  • Do not light a fire less than 200 meters from the forest.

If you witness a fire starting:

  • Notify the fire brigade quickly (18) by giving them as much detail as possible: location, places, GPS position, plot number, means of access for emergency services, etc.
  • You can try to extinguish an incipient fire with lands, sand or water.
  • Warning: beating the fire with branches can lead to its spread!
  • Don't get out of your car if you are surprised by a flame front.
  • On foot, look for a protective screen (rock, mound of earth, wall, etc.).