Bischwiller is revealed!

Forged by the history of Alsace, the city of Bischwiller is the showcase of its culture, heritage and values. Alsatian authenticity is embodied in its streets, testimony of its princely and industrial past. This city, bordered by nature thanks to the Ried which surrounds it, also offers many bucolic paths.

The path of the poets

Un poetic footpath Bischwiller sleepers. Called "Dichterwaj" in Alsatian or " Poets' Trail », He values ​​heritage and dialect poetry.

This circuit offers to discover the city in a different way, by taking a poetic look at themes as varied as heritage, nature, hope and memory. The course stretches about 9 km through three discovery tours. It starts at Place de la Mairie and crosses the heart of the city, passes by Hanhoffen and invites himself to the Ried. It is marked out by twenty-seven displays on which appear poems in their original versions written in their authors' own dialect, with their translations into French.

Ce seventh trail of the poets of the region allows you to discover not only local poets, but also poets from all over Alsace, each with their own feather. How not to rejoice, that Bischwiller, town of history, industry and once a garrison, is recognized city ​​of poetry...

The poets' hiking trail in Bischwiller

Trails between plain and forest

Born from a close and effective collaboration between the City and the Vosges Club of Haguenau-Lembach, four hiking trails bischwillerois are signposted. The paths will take you to the edge of the forest, to the Ried plain or to the heart of the city center, along the Rothbaechel stream (green network).

The Ried trail (green ring markings)

The term Reed, whose Alemannic root "Rieth" means reed, is characterized by wet meadows from ancient human clearing. The water found there in abundance, give birth to many streams.

Located on the outskirts of the city, the first circuit "Ried path", 6,1 km long (duration approximately 1 hour 30 minutes) from the St-Nicolas church in Hanhoffen will take you to the plain of Reed. You will discover the richness of the fauna and Flora of this humid area. It is not uncommon to cross on either side of the path of common cranes, wild geese or hordes of deer. With the onset of winter, the trail offers a panoramic view on the city and its Architectural Heritage.

The hiking trail from Ried to Bischwiller with walkers

The Bollachgraben trail (blue disc markings)

The second circuit called « Bollachgraben trail » offers a 5,5 km long walk (duration: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes). The departure is located at the Bischwiller SNCF train station. It will lead you to a market gardening pleasantly landscaped with crops varying with the seasons. The landscape then opens onto a generous nature before arriving at the edge of the forest by Gries. A little Zoo enhances the course and will please children.

The Green Trame and Hasensprung trail (red disc markings)

The third circuit called " Trame Verte and Hasensprung trail »Of 8 km (duration: about 2 hours), starts at the Parc du Château. You will follow the Moder and the trail will lead you along the magnificent green network and in the Hasensprung district. Both poetic and relaxing, the greenway is truly the green lung of our city located in the heart of the city. Children can take a break at the play areas dedicated to them.

A stop on the footbridge suspended above the body of water (called "jute pond") will be unavoidable ! In spring, let yourself be surprised by the cloud of water lilies and the graceful dance swans in love.

The Trame Verte hiking trail in Bischwiller

The gravel pit trail (blue ring markings)

Finally, the last circuit, the « Gravel path » 7,5 km (duration: about 1h45), departs from Place des Tilleuls in Hanhoffen towards Ried. It is marked with a blue ring. Directional signs along the route indicate to hikers the direction, the different stages as well as the walking time in hours. On the trail, circular signs with green border inform hikers of their location and the altitude. Walking around these places is a moment of relaxation conducive to discovering the surrounding flora and fauna and this, in all seasons.

From the fall, the magic operates and the wooded spaces are illuminated with subtle red, yellow and green colors. The surprise is total by discovering these landscapes and these remarkable natural resources. The different bodies of water offer a giant drinking trough for birds.


The gravel pit hiking trail in Bischwiller

Other hiking trails await you ...

Le Claude Vigée literary circuit, walking touristic circuit of the city and the fun ride are other possibilities for walks and discovery in Bischwiller. These tours are available at Haguenau Tourist Office on request or by Bischwiller town hall.


Good walk ! 

Cultural heritage of Bischwiller during a guided tour
Fun walk in Bischwiller
ARTS houses in Bischwiller
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