A quest for well-being

Sylvotherapy or how to reconnect with Nature


La forest bathing, inspired by Shinrin Yoku, deeply rooted in Japan, is a philosophy from tradition Zen.

Much more than a simple activity, this experience to be lived in all simplicity nevertheless requires availability but can bring us so much well-being. Live a deep, subtle and rich moment in emotions . Make way for let go and mindfulness.

"A soothing silence spreads among the trees, The carpet of moss and the humus paths. The wood can finally come to life!" Valérie Waechter (sylvotherapist) - Forêt en Soi.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Find the next sessions by Valérie Waechter here. The Forêt en Soi program is lived through the seasons in the Exceptional Forest® of Haguenau.


Valérie Waechter - Forest in You
Valérie Waechter - Forest in You
Valérie Waechter - Forest in You
Valérie Waechter - Forest in You

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