Saint Georges Church

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  • Saint Georges Church
  • Saint Georges Church
  • Saint Georges Church
This XNUMXth and XNUMXth century sanctuary harmoniously combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles: Romanesque nave (early XNUMXth century) and Gothic choir
(late 1143th century). The Saint Georges church followed shortly after the creation of the parish in 1230. There are few vestiges left. The current church is the result of an enlargement of the nave in 1283 and a Romanesque restructuring of the choir in Gothic style in XNUMX. The juxtaposition of the two
styles illustrates the change of power in our city: the nave decided by the nobles and later, the choir initiated by the bourgeois. In the XNUMXth
century, two flamboyant chapels were grafted onto the nave. The stained glass windows are by Jacques le Chevalier-de-Fontenoy-Aux-Roses (1956-1970). The church also contains an Eucharistic Tower, known as the 11m high custodian, dating from 1523, Christ on the Cross by Clement de Baden (1488) and the altarpiece of the Last Judgment, from the 1496th century, incorporating vestiges of an altarpiece executed for Saint-Georges (panels painted in XNUMX).

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