Weekly and traditional markets are an integral part of local life. Share these moments of meeting in different cities of our territory!

In the Pays de Haguenau, you will find a market every day of the week (except Sunday) in another city of the territory.

Take the opportunity to fill your basket with good local products or "made in" Alsace souvenirs! Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, old-fashioned breads, local cold meats and other specialties will garnish your tables.

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Night Market - Pixabay

Marché nocturne

Every first Friday of the month, go to Niederschaeffolsheim for the night market! Come…
Weekly Market - Pixabay_Color

Weekly market

Find every Tuesday in the town hall square from 16 pm to 19 pm: - The Gallery of the Taste Buds of…
Local producers market - @JFSVilleBischwiller

Local producers market

Need to supplement your fridge and fruit basket mid-week? Go…
Weekly Market - Pixabay_ulleo

Weekly market

Schweighouse on Moder
Every Saturday morning of the year, craftsmen and traders offer you fruit and vegetables...
Gourmet market - Fleckinger Cyrille

Gourmet market

Local producers meet every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the Place de…
Bi-weekly market - Une-Fille-En-Alsace

Bi-weekly market

Find all your consumer products, from fruits and vegetables to haberdashery, via…
Springtime for local producers in Bischwiller - ©villedebischwiller

Spring of local producers of Bischwiller

the City of Bischwiller, in partnership with the traders of the weekly producers' market...
Weekly Market - Pixabay_Free-Photos

Weekly market

Prepare your baskets and shopping bags for the local Mommenheim market! Come and discover the stands of…
Weekly market - Carole Michel-Merckling for the Municipality of Val-de-Moder

Weekly market

Val de Moder
Find every week the weekly market on the Place de la République! Enjoy…
Weekly market - © City of Bischwiller

Weekly market

Need to fill your pantry on the weekend? Go to the weekly market in ...

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