Alsace at the table in the Pays de Haguenau!

Le Haguenau country overflows restaurants who know stand out through their specialties. There is bound to be one that will blow you away!

Whether you want to savor Alsatian specialties In a restaurant gastronomic, In a brasserie or in a traditional winstub, you will enjoy this culinary journey through the local flavors sublimated by our restaurant chefs

And if you want to vary the pleasures, you will also find your happiness. All these restaurants offer a varied menu and others French or world cuisine specialties are also offered through our selection of restaurants.

good addresses to test with friends, colleagues or family for moments sharing and conviviality !

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Restaurant - Le Jardin de Bacchus - Hotel - Restaurant Les Pins

Restaurant - The Garden of Bacchus

Elisabeth, Eric and the whole team of the hotel-restaurant Les Pins…
Restaurant - Au Boeuf Rouge - Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office

Restaurant - Au Boeuf Rouge

The hotel-restaurant Au Boeuf Rouge offers both traditional and modern cuisine that…
Restaurant - Grains of Salt - Grains of salt

Restaurant - Grains of Salt

An ounce of refinement, a touch of indulgence, a hint of passion: welcome to the restaurant…
Restaurant - L'Insolente - Restaurant l'insolente

Restaurant - L'Insolente

L'Insolente has been nestled for a few years in a former storeroom of a hardware store...
Restaurant Le Repère Chez Ludo - ©Le Repère

Restaurant Le Repere Chez Ludo

Come and discover our Repère, warm and gourmet, in the heart of the village of Mietesheim! Map on…
Restaurant - Chez Ernest - Europe_Hotel_Chez_Ernest

Restaurant - Chez Ernest

The Chez Ernest Restaurant, adjoining the hotel establishment, offers a gourmet address in…
Restaurant - A L'Etoile d'Or - etoile_dor

Restaurant - A L'Etoile d'Or

The restaurant A l'Étoile d'Or offers traditional and regional cuisine, tarts…
Restaurant - The pair - Fanny Picard

Restaurant - The binomial

Restaurant Le binôme, offers you a cuisine made from fresh and seasonal products.
Pizz'Eddy - Pizz'Eddy


Pizz'Eddy offers you tasty, gourmet, artisanal and local pizzas to take away! The…
Septénaire microbrewery - Septénaire microbrewery

Septénaire microbrewery

The Microbrasserie du Septénaire is: - A pub with 7 taps on tap and a small…
Restaurant - Le Comptoir des Loges - François Bihl

Restaurant - The Comptoir des Loges

A warm and friendly place, warm colors, a unique terrace... To share:…
Restaurant - Alternative - ©alternative restaurant


To eat on the go in the city center or to enjoy a moment of picnic-style pleasure…
Restaurant - The Garden - Romain Meyer

Restaurant - The Garden

Look up to gaze at the room's elegant Renaissance-style ceiling, then…
Restaurant - The Old Customs House - Frederic Godard

Restaurant - L'Ancienne Douane

It is in the heart of Haguenau, in one of the city's most emblematic buildings, that…
Restaurant - A l'Agneau - Hotel_Restaurant_a_lagneau

Restaurant - A l'Agneau

Val de Moder
The exquisite taste of timeless or original dishes: in the kitchen, Anne, Maître Cuisiner de France,…
Restaurant - The Old Customs - Restaurant_Ancienne_Douane

Restaurant - L'Ancienne Douane

In Haguenau as in Bernolsheim, we are committed to putting our know-how and our…
Restaurant - Lisula - Lisula

Restaurant - Lisula

Make your taste buds travel in Corsica in the city center of Haguenau, at Restaurant Lisula! In…
Restaurant - Notre Dame - Gabrielle DAULL

Restaurant - Notre-Dame

Taste, flavor, pleasure ... The Notre-Dame restaurant invites you on a taste tour to discover ...
Restaurant - La Fleur d'Or - The golden flower

Restaurant - La Fleur d'Or

For nearly 20 years, Isabelle in the kitchen and Eric in the dining room have been committed to cooking ...
Restaurant The Source of the Senses - The Source of the Senses_restaurant1

La Source des Sens Restaurant

Morsbronn les Bains
A talented and imaginative chef, Pierre Weller invites you on a culinary journey inspired by…
Restaurant Ritter'Hoft - Ritter'Hoft

Restaurant Ritter'Hoft

Morsbronn les Bains
The Restaurant Owners of the Ritter'Hoft for twenty-two years, Claudia and Alain Letzelter,…
The Auberge du Gros Chêne - Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office

The Big Oak Inn

In the heart of the forest, 7 km from Haguenau, meet at the Auberge du Gros Chêne! The…
Restaurant - Le Tigre - Brasserie Le Tigre

Restaurant - The Tiger

Our restaurant "La Brasserie du Tigre" offers traditional cuisine prepared with…
Auberge Baechel-Brunn - © Auberge Baechel-Brunn

Baechel-Brunn Inn

Merkwiller Pechelbronn
Thomas Limmacher offers refined cuisine exclusively based on seasonal products ...
Restaurant - Da Vinci - DA VINCI

Restaurant - DaVinci

Close to the pedestrian area of ​​the city center, our establishment offers a summer…
Auberge Au Boeuf - © Auberge au Boeuf

Beef Inn

Yannick Germain, Michelin star in 2015, has embodied the 4th generation of restaurateurs since 1893,…
Restaurant - Cassegraine - Cassegraine

Restaurant - Cassegraine

The Graine association is also a restaurant! Come and taste homemade dishes,…
Restaurant - L'Etoile - star hotel-restaurant

Restaurant - The Star

A family business since the 70s, the Hotel Restaurant A l'Etoile welcomes you…

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Dauendorf in the Land of Haguenau © Cyrille Fleckinger
Unique moments await you! Welcome to the Pays de Haguenau, ...
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Summer in the Pays de Haguenau © Cyrille Fleckinger
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