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Explore the delights of local products in Haguenau by discovering the treasures of local producers.

Browse the bustling markets to find farmhouse cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, and fresh local fruits and vegetables. Meet passionate producers at weekly markets, where the authenticity of Alsatian flavors comes to life.

From local vineyards to family farms, each producer contributes to Haguenau's gastronomic identity, offering visitors a memorable culinary experience and an immersion in the richness of local produce.


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Les fous de terroirs - Les fous de terroirs

Local enthusiasts

Local people are good for the local area!
Farm Adam - Farm ADAM

Adam Farm

The Ferme ADAM store offers farm products directly produced on the farm ...
The Buffalo domain - ©OTP

The domain of the Bufflonnes

The Domaine des Bufflonnes farm is located in Uhrwiller in Northern Alsace on the edge of the…
The Dumoulin Lab - The Mill Lab

The Dumoulin Lab

Le Labo Dumoulin is a young company based in Bischwiller producing raw organic food and…
Mathieu's cheeses - Mathieu's cheeses

Mathieu's cheeses

After working on several farms as a cheesemaker, he decided to open his own…
Maltese house - Maltese house

Maltese house

Maison Maltese is your specialized Alsatian roaster. We produce malt coffee, a…
Brandt Farm - Arbogast - Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office

Brandt Farm - Arbogast

The Brandt Arbogast Farm is located in Harthouse, near Haguenau. Reasoned cultivation, fruit ...
Sautter Pom'Or - © Sautter Pom'Or

Skip Pom'Or

Alsatian family business, we specialize in the development of fruit juices,…
Chocolaterie Daniel Stoffel - Chocolaterie Daniel STOFFEL

Daniel Stoffel Chocolate Factory

Created in an old mill by Master Chocolatier and father Daniel Stoffel, the…