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CAP Alsace - Federation of Craft Traders and Service Providers - Pixabay_startupstockphotos

CAP Alsace - Federation of crafts traders and service providers

CAP Alsace is the committee of Traders, Craftsmen and Professionals of Haguenau and…
Hiking Recreation - Pixabay_HoliHo

Leisure Hiking

The Rando Loisirs Association offers: - Hiking - Theme hikes (hikes ...
Cultural Relay - Denis Merck

Cultural relay

The Cultural Relay is the tool for developing live performance in Haguenau, another part of the…
Historical and Archeological Society - Pixabay_Free-Photos

Society of History and Archeology

Founded in 1905, the same year as the opening of the Historical Museum which is its headquarters, SHAH is…
Sports and Leisure Office - Pixabay_kpr2

Sports and Leisure Office

The role of the Sports and Leisure Office is: - Support for the functioning of associations ...
Vosges club - ADEAN - Cyrille Fleckinger

Vosges club

The Vosges club of Haguenau offers hiking, but also takes care of…
Lands of creation - Alexandre Coirier

Creative land

Tour operator coupled with a receptive travel agency, specialist in the Rhine Basin. With…
Club Vosges - TMT-PHOTO_Emmanuel_Viverge

Vosges club

Val de Moder
The Vosges Club of Val de Moder was created by statute in 1995 by Mr. Gérard Lallemant, citizen…
Flowers Schneider - OTP

Schneider flowers

Since 1990, Jean-Marc Schneider has been lovingly cultivating many varieties of flowers that are…