Pottery from the villages of Soufflenheim and Betschdorf

A tradition preserved over the centuries!

Pottery is an integral part of the identity of the Alsatian heritage. While around thirty villages Bas-Rhin contained families of artisan potters in the 1850s, there are now only two left: Betschdorf et Soufflenheim. A stone's throw from Haguenau, there is today traditional pottery but also a range of new original products.

Each village retains its own shaping technique ... The potters of Betschdorf use salt sandstone, their pieces are decorated with a cobalt blue decor. In Soufflenheim, artisans use clay, and the bright colors of the final pieces give them a touch of modernity, particularly appreciated by those who seek to decorate their tables.

Whether decorative pottery, food preservation, artistic, horticultural, culinary or the virtues of well-being ... Each craftsman cultivates his own style. They perpetuate the gestures taught by their ancestors while adapting to the developments of recent decades. We then find colors, patterns, and new trends.

Come and discover this ancestral Alsatian art, enter the shops and workshops and immerse yourself in the manufacture of pottery ... And above all, soak up this know-how with our craftsmen!

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Siegfried-Burger et Fils Pottery

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