The Moulin Dischlach

Decapolis court
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  • The Dischlach Mill - Frantisek_Zvardon
  • The Dischlach Mill - Frantisek_Zvardon
  • The Dischlach Mill - Frantisek_Zvardon
Recent remains (XIXth century) of an oil mill (Dischlachmühle) mentioned from the 2007th century. Renovated from 2008 to XNUMX, it marks the entrance to the new Decapolis course. This mill is located at the crossroads of two old major traffic axes:
- a salt road, oriented east-west, which ran along the Moder
- and another, north-south, going from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. Through it, the amber and bronze objects found in the many prehistoric tombs in the Haguenau forest passed through. It was part of a set of six intramural mills. Today, you only see the remains of it, namely a paddle wheel, sections of walls and foundations, but also part of the transmission mechanism dating from the 19th century ... Remember, Haguenau was at the Originally an island formed by two arms of the Moder ... And this mill was located on one of these arms today filled. Indeed, it is here that the two arms of the river which formed the island where the castle of Barberousse was located.

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