Remarkable places and buildings in the Pays de Haguenau

En Alsace, some places have the gift to amaze us by their size, their beauty and their landscapes…

A Haguenau, the team of the tourism office you welcomes in a remarkable building, the Old Chancellery, which also houses the Alsatian Museum.

Le Haguenau Historical Museum, too, impresses visitors with its imposing building in the heart of the city.

Un guided audio tour or even a guided visit will allow you to learn more about the built heritage in the heart of the city of Haguenau.

Throughout the summer, the tourism office offers around a hundred appointments visits and unusual discoveries on its territory. The summer program is available from mid-June to mid-September.

Elsewhere all around the Haguenau country, meet the villages of potters, the Alsatian villages, the half-timbered houses or our famous hops...

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Bischwiller town hall and its annex - ©villebischwiller

Bischwiller town hall and its annex

Before being the town hall, part of this long building was the hotel-restaurant “A la Rose”…
Former princely pharmacy - ©villebischwiller

Former princely pharmacy

Historic monument, this beautiful half-timbered building with an oriel (a corbelled window on the…
Brumath Arboretum - © City of Brumath

Brumath Arboretum

In the extension of the Stephansfeld park behind the cemetery, more than 230 trees…
Land'Art - town of brumath


A loyal partner of INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), the City of Brumath…
Viewpoint The Geiersberg - Cyrille Fleckinger

Viewpoint The Geiersberg

The Geiersberg is the name given to the top of the hill which overlooks the village of Dauendorf. Located…
Town Hall - Frantisek Zvardon

Hôtel de Ville

Completed in 1910, the Town Hall is in neo-Baroque style. Notice the imposing overlooked entrance ...
The Protestant temple - City of Haguenau

Protestant temple

The Prussian army, which became very important after 1870, took the initiative to build a…
Synagogue - Emmanuel VIVERGE


The period of calm and the relative increase in the Jewish population at the end of the XNUMXth century ...
St Georges School - OTP

St Georges School

Built in 1880, at the time of Mayor Nessel in neo-Romanesque style, the colonnades and the capitals…
Hotel Barth - OTP

Hotel Barth

The municipal architect Georges-Joseph Barth, who built the Bourgeois Hospital built and…
Old customs - ©Cyrille Fleckinger

Old customs

It was built at the beginning of the 16th century (1518) on the banks of the Moder river today…
Jewish cemetery - LEVY

Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery of Haguenau is one of the oldest in Alsace. The oldest tomb discovered ...
Livestock Market Square - City of Haguenau

Place of the Beast Market

Until the beginning of the XNUMXth century, Haguenau had a particularly lively cattle market.…
The Dischlach Mill - Frantisek_Zvardon

The Moulin Dischlach

Recent remains (XIXth century) of an oil mill (Dischlachmühle) mentioned from the XNUMXth…
Hotel Hoffmann - OTP

Hoffmann Hotel

This quadrilateral hotel with main building between courtyard and Parisian-style garden was built…
Dolphin Fountain - Frantisek_Zvardon

Dolphin fountain

In the center of Place d'Armes, you can see the Hospital fountain. The latter is ...
St. Nicholas Church - Zvardon

Church of St. Nicholas

From the Romanesque church built by the Hohenstaufen family, only the square base of the bell tower remains…
La Forêt d'Exception®, a "100% outdoor" discovery offer! - Zvardon

La Forêt d'Exception®, a "100% outdoor" discovery offer!

Sixth largest lowland forest in France, the Haguenau forest extends over 30 km of…
The Hundshof washhouse - A girl in Alsace

The Hundshof laundry

Washhouse installed at a place called Molkenbrunn, Molkenhof or Huettenhof in the Exceptional Forest® of…
Grand Manege - OTP

Grand Carousel

The "big" manège de Haguenau was built in 1847 to meet the needs of the regiment ...
The ornithological observatory - C. Schnell/A Girl in Alsace

The ornithological observatory

The ornithological observatory was created in 2011 by the ONF and the City as part of the year…
Former convent of the Annonciades - OTP

Former convent of the Annonciades

This convent was founded in 1372, and rebuilt in the 18th century. It is decorated with a painting ...
Grand'Rue - Cyrille Fleckinger

High Street

Around the Halle aux Houblons and along the Grand'Rue, you can see some houses ...
Former Chancellery - OTP

Old chancellery

Building dating from the end of the XNUMXth century, today the Tourist Office and the Alsatian Museum…
Old castle - OTP

Old castle

Built in the 12th century, it has now completely disappeared ... But for 250 years, each time ...
The Theater - Zvardon


The Haguenau Theater is one of Alsace's four Italian-style theaters. Built…
Altarpiece of the Church of Saint-Georges de Haguenau - OTP

Altarpiece of the Church of Saint-Georges de Haguenau

The so-called "last judgement" altarpiece is in polychrome wood. The shutters (1496-1497) work…
Saint Georges Presbytery - OTP

Presbytery Saint Georges

The presbytery of the parish of Saint Georges built in 1754. The windows on the ground floor are…
The area of ​​the charcoal burners - OTP

The area of ​​the charcoal burners

In the heart of the Haguenau Exceptional Forest, lived charcoal burners. Their activity ...
Pine cone dryer - Gilbert Mischler

Pine cone dryer

This pine cone dryer in Haguenau is a second generation dryer. The first dryer to…
The Gründel ponds - C. Schnell/A Girl in Alsace

The Gründel ponds

To the north of the Exceptional Forest® of Haguenau, the Gründel ponds located in the center of a…
The Gros Chêne website - TMT-PHOTO_Emmanuel VIVERGE

The Gros Chene website

At the edge of the Eberbach stream in the Forêt d'Exception® de Haguenau, is the…
Republic Square - OTP

Republic Square

The building to the left of the pharmacy is the Hôtel du Préteur Royal, the king's representative…
The bee fountain - Zvardon

The bee fountains

The XNUMXth century bee fountain from the Cistercian abbey in Neubourg is…
Old Island Media Library - Frantisek Zvardon

Old Island Media Library

The building was built in 1783 at the city's expense, at the request of the manager of…
Sub-Prefecture - OTP


Construction was started on the eve of WW1. We will notice above ...
The Tower of the Knights - OTP

The knights tower

This door tower, of square plan built in bricks around 1235 has a transverse passage…
Sundial - city of Haguenau


The 2,56 meter high building dates from 1764. Acquired by the City of Haguenau in 1884, it comes…
The hidden treasures of the undivided forest of Haguenau - ©GiadaConnestari16Prod-ONF

The hidden treasures of the undivided forest of Haguenau

A calendar of walks, outings and excursions in the forest led by professionals from the…
Fisherman's Tower - OTP

The Fishermen's Tower

This tower, built between 1228 and 1235, remodeled in the XNUMXth century, has an octagonal plan. She has…
The Hop Market - Zvardon

The Hops Market

Improving the marketing of agricultural products was a major desire of the…
The Wissembourg Gate - Emmanuel VIVERGE

The door of Wissembourg

The Porte de Wissembourg is one of the remains of the old wall. His first construction,…
Saint Georges Church - OTP

Saint Georges Church

This XNUMXth and XNUMXth century sanctuary harmoniously combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles: nave…
Zuckmantel House - OTP

Zuckmantel House

The Zuckmantel house was built in 1565. It is decorated with an oriel window, closed balcony, located on…
The Oak Monument by Gloria Friedmann - J. Hess

The Oak Monument by Gloria Friedmann

In the heart of the forest, a few hundred meters from the Gros Chêne site, is the…
Bank of France - OTP

Bank of France

On November 23, 1922, an office of the Banque de France was created in Haguenau in a property ...
Notre-Dame Basilica - House of the priests

Basilica of Our Lady

Marian worship developed in the convent of the Guillemites around 1250. It was in full swing ...
Calvary Trail and Stone Circle - Pixabay - Royalty Free

Calvary Trail and Stone Circle

The Calvary trail sets out to discover 13 different crosses, located in the town of…
Former Pfaffenhoffen Synagogue - Ben Klein

Former Pfaffenhoffen Synagogue

Val de Moder
The old synagogue of Pfaffenhoffen is one of the few synagogues built in Alsace in 1791…
Former headquarters of the Brotherhood of Shepherds of Lower Alsace - F. ZVARDON

Former headquarters of the Brotherhood of Shepherds of Lower Alsace

Val de Moder
Nothing specific is known about the origin of this brotherhood which, in the middle of the XNUMXth century…
The Saint-Ulrich spring and its washhouses - Cyrille Fleckinger

The Saint-Ulrich spring and its washhouses

A real haven of calm, serenity and gentleness, a highly energetic place for some, having…

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