Remembrance tourism and the Maginot Line

Because our destination is also a land of memory…

Unmissable vestiges mark a past that Alsace has known for several periods, especially during the Second World War. Several restored works are open to the public and offer tours!

The Maginot Line, the Fort of Schoenenbourg, Lembach Lime Kiln, Casemate, Vault Museum… but also certain places of memory of the Jewish heritage, will open their doors to you to trace the past and the history which built our territory.

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Jewish cemetery - Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office

Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery of Haguenau is one of the oldest in Alsace. The oldest tomb discovered ...
Synagogue - Emmanuel VIVERGE


The period of calm and the relative increase in the Jewish population at the end of the XNUMXth century ...
Casemate Esch - AALMA

Caschate Esch

Located on the edge of the village of Hatten, the Esch casemate museum evokes both its role in…
Shelter Museum - Shelter Museum

Vault Museum

Located 1 km behind the Maginot Line, the Abri was used during the war as a barracks for crews…
Self-guided tour of Fort de Schoenenbourg - ©OTi l'Alsace Verte

Self-guided tour of Fort Schoenenbourg

As part of the European Heritage Days, come (re)discover the Fort de Schœnenbourg,…
Fort de Schoenenbourg - Maginot Line - Photo credit: AALMA

Fort de Schoenenbourg - Maginot Line

An unforgettable visit along galleries 3 km long 30 m underground to understand the…
Former Pfaffenhoffen Synagogue - Ben Klein

Former Pfaffenhoffen Synagogue

Val de Moder
The old synagogue of Pfaffenhoffen is one of the few synagogues built in Alsace in 1791…
Garance at Pfaffenhoffen - Carole Michel-Merckling for the Musée de l'Image Populaire

Garance in Pfaffenhoffen

Val de Moder
Dates: from spring to early autumn Location: in front of the entrance to the…
Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945 - ©2MCLADN

Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945

Travel through time from 1870 to 1945! Unique in Alsace! Visit a sensory museum with…

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Haguenau Synagogue
The European Days of Jewish Culture are back in 2023! Of…
With friends - Bischwiller ©Cyrille Fleckinger
Summer holidays, outings and guided tours from June 18 to 30
For the second consecutive year, the Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office…
Pfaffenhoffen Church
For the second consecutive year, the Pays de Haguenau Tourist Office…