Local artisans

Here thelocal Alsatian crafts is present throughout our territory: from beer to chocolate, from pottery to canivet, including malted coffee, Alsatian mozzarella or even the famous tartes flambées from Ferme Adam, you will find something to satisfy your taste buds and your curiosity .
Le local-knowledge is promoted through our summer visits program and thanks to the numerous boutiques and sales outlets on our farms. Find the Alsace terroir in each of our artisans, in the establishments mentioned below.

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The canivet workshop - OTP

The canivet workshop

This image artist creates unique pieces or in small series using the canivet technique (…
Air Beauty - Air Beauty

Air Beauty

The Couturier of Olfactory and Air Purification. AirBeauty, specialist in…
The corner trunk - Luggage dream - Marie Rolland

The corner trunk - Baggage dream

A couple passionate about trunks, the restoration of old luggage and custom manufacturing...
La Fabrique d'Anaïs - Ceramic factory and pottery classes - La Fabrique d'Anaïs

The Anaïs factory - Ceramic factory and pottery classes

In her small workshop located in Haguenau, Anaïs designs ceramic objects by hand. She…
Friedmann pottery - © OTPR

Friedmann Pottery

But what do we find in this small Alsatian house so beautifully decorated? A pottery, of course…
Lehmann pottery - © OTPR

Lehmann Pottery

But who are the pottery sisters? They are young, they are dynamic and they pursue the...
Pottery Siegfried-Burger and Son - © Pottery Siegfried-Burger

Siegfried-Burger et Fils Pottery

Yes, it's a pottery and not a fast food in the depths of the United States! However…
Pottery Beck - © OTPR

Beck Pottery

Want a modern, fancy style? Look no further, you have found it! Created around 1750,…
Pottery G. Wehrling and Daughter - © OTPR

Pottery G. Wehrling and Daughter

A small craft workshop that was born in the early 80s. Peggy the potter who took over…
Flowers Schneider - OTP

Schneider flowers

Since 1990, Jean-Marc Schneider has been lovingly cultivating many varieties of flowers that are…