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  • Rottelsheim - B.Jung
  • Rottelsheim - Henri Parent
  • Rottelsheim - Henri Parent
  • Rottelsheim - PN Jover
  • Rottelsheim - JL Minker
  • Rottelsheim - Henri Parent
  • Rottelsheim - Henri Parent
Rottelsheim is a charming little town located north of Brumath; it has about 300 inhabitants per year.
This pretty village is surrounded by orchards, because it is known to be "the capital of the apple".
Harvesting apples is the main activity of the farmers who live there and sell them on their farms.
Life is very pleasant there, because staying in Rottelsheim allows you to enjoy the sweetness of life in the countryside and at the same time benefit from all the amenities of the adjoining town of Brumath (supermarkets, cinema, various shops ... ).
There you will find a restaurant that has the reputation of making excellent tarts flambées, even attracting regulars from Strasbourg!
You can also stay there for holidays, because charming cottages are available there.
Finally, for the activities of children and adults, Rottelsheim has the chance to benefit from a city stadium and an outdoor playground in the middle of the fields.