Activities, visits and museums in the Pays de Haguenau

Are you more in the mood for relaxation, adventure, gluttony or cultural discovery? THE Haguenau country welcomes you and will satisfy you during your weekends or your holidays in Alsace!

In the Land of Haguenau, you can immerse yourself in the story through our museums and our heritage, reconnect to the nature in the forest, discover the manufacturing secrets of the famous local pretzel at the Bretzel Factory dive into the world of Alsatian breweries, discover an ancestral art in the potters workshops...

Between unmissable tourist experiences and the discovery of nuggets and visits off the beaten track, let yourself be inspired. Discover our activity ideas, organize your itinerary and make the most of your stay… according to your desires !

To discover the Exceptional Forest® by Haguenau this is here.

Map of the Pays de Haguenau

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Pottery Museum - © Pottery Museum

Pottery Museum

Clay from the Rhine plain has been used since the time of polished stone. In 1850, 30 villages…
Sonnenhof Museum - @sonnenhof

Sonnenhof Museum

One hundred and forty years of an exceptional human adventure exhibited at the Sonnenhof museum, or "the…
Laub Museum - ©VilledeBischwiller

Laub Museum

Located in the heart of the city, in the former XNUMXth century Common House, the museum is dedicated ...
House of Arts - ©City of Bischwiller

House of the Arts

It is in an old Alsatian house dating from the 17th century that the…
Archaeological Museum - OTP

Musée Archéologique

The vaulted cellars of the former Hanau-Lichtenberg castle, built in 1717 and transformed ...
The Bretzel Factory - Boehli - ©OTi Alsace Verte/Cédric SCHELL

The Pretzel Factory - Boehli

Come and discover all the secrets of the mythical Alsatian Bretzel in a visit area of ​​more than…
Alsatian Museum - Museums of Haguenau

Alsatian Museum

Former chancellery of the end of the XNUMXth century, it is the most concrete vestige of the ancients…
Historical Museum - Cyrille Fleckinger

Historical Museum

Built between 1900 and 1905 in a neo-renaissance style, the museum houses collections that…
Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara

Baggage Museum

Trunks, bags and suitcases… 200 pieces, exceptional pieces, unique pieces, pieces…
Villa Meteor - © Le Beau Jardin

Villa Meteor

Villa Meteor is an unmissable brewery tourist stop in Alsace! It was necessary…
Popular Image Museum - François Lotz - Photo credit: MIPP, Commune Val de Moder

Popular Image Museum - François Lotz

Val de Moder
Unique in France, the Museum of the Popular Image is located in the heart of a region which,…
Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945 - ©2MCLADN

Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945

Travel through time from 1870 to 1945! Unique in Alsace! Visit a sensory museum with…