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  • Old Customs - Frantisek_Zvardon
  • Old Customs - Frantisek_Zvardon
It was built at the beginning of the 16th century (1518) on the banks of the Moder river, which is now underground. Customs taxed and checked the conformity of the various goods entering and leaving the city. Above the main entrance, you will see a sundial from the end of the 19th century. It represents two knights in armor whose spear is used to indicate the time. Look to the right of the entrance, where there is a wrought iron sign. It comes from a bistro in the city called the "Tonnelet d'or". The keg and the basket filled with ears of barley symbolize beer. The star is that of the brewers; it indicates that the beer was brewed on site. Today, on the floor of the old customs house, there is a prestigious room where many events are held. Look at the left corner of the building… Do you see the marks and the inscription on one of the stones in the corner of the building? They indicate the height of the water of the Moder during the floods of 1544 and 1734. In addition, above, you can see the bust of a young woman. The latter holds a wine measure in her hands and wears a chain with the emblematic rose of Haguenau as a pendant. She is thus an official customs figure.

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