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  • Claude Vigée circuit
Claude Vigée was a poet, born in 1921 in Bischwiller and forced, during the Second World War, into exile in the southwest of France where he participated in the Jewish resistance. In 1943, he taught French and European literature in the United States, then moved to Israel in 1960 where he taught Romanesque and comparative literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After his retirement in 1984, he returned regularly to visit his native town: Bischwiller.
The Claude Vigée circuit will take you in the footsteps of this renowned poet, in his daily life from his childhood and teenage years to his passion for literature when he becomes an adult. You will discover in his footsteps the places he frequented regularly in his life in Bischwiller (hairdresser, creamer, fishmonger ...) and the relatives he met (his grandparents and his friend Sylvie Reff).
Through the life of this character, it is also the rural life of Bischwiller from the 1920s to the 1950s that you will relive, and therefore by extension the life of your ancestors.
A brochure available at Bischwiller Town Hall or on the Town's website will guide you through this fabulous tour.

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