Calvary Trail and Stone Circle


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Location and access

  • Calvary Trail and Stone Circle - Pixabay - Royalty Free
The Calvary trail sets out to discover 13 different crosses, located in the town of Niederschaeffolsheim and its surroundings. Placed at crossroads or along paths, in the village or in open fields, calvaries or field crosses recall particular events and bear witness to both individual stories and collective histories.
On each Calvary, a QR code allows walkers to dive into the history of each monument.
At the start and finish of the circuit, marked by the Club Vosgien Haguenau-Lembach, a circle of stones was made in 2021 according to the alignment of the 13 crosses and the coat of arms of Saint-Michel, patron saint of the parish.

Practical information and services

Type of places to visit
Fountain, well, wash-house, calvary
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Free tour
Half day
Possibility of parking
Less than 200 m from free public parking