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  • Fun walk in Bischwiller
Discover or rediscover the local heritage of Bischwiller with family and have fun! We reveal its secrets to you on a journey punctuated with puzzles. Be curious, observant, and collect the clues ...
Designed in the form of puzzles to be solved, the fun walks encourage the young hiker to look for clues along the route. These are collected from elements of the historical, architectural or natural heritage. The proposed circuit is made up of a parent file and three levels of investigation depending on the age of the children: 4/6 years, 7/9 years and over 10 years. So, want to discover Bischwiller while having fun? It could not be easier ! All you need is the free game booklet available at the town hall, the Laub Museum, the Maison des Arts, the media center or for download from the town's website Good ride to all!

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Fun ride (Randoland)


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For all
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Laub Museum forecourt


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