Brumath Arboretum


Bilwisheim road
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  • Brumath Arboretum - © City of Brumath
  • Brumath Arboretum - © City of Brumath
In the extension of the park of Stephansfeld behind the cemetery, more than 230 trees occupy a herbaceous clearing and invite us to walk and discover: different varieties of oaks, the emblematic tree of Brumath whose fruit appears on the coat of arms of the city, firs, maples, willows, spruces, cypresses, beeches, hornbeams, larches, lime trees, wild fruit trees, holly, yew... But also a common catalpa, a Henry's linden, an American honey locust, a sweetgum America, a Virginia tulip tree, a paulownia or even a loquat!
Trees from here and elsewhere, but some of which were indeed present in our regions before the last glaciation, 150 years ago; This is the case of ginkgo biloba and sequoia.

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