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Val de Moder

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Val de Moder
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Location and access

  • Outdoor swimming pool - Commune Val-de-Moder
The communal open-air swimming pool is located Place de la Piscine with entrance and parking access via rue de Haguenau.

Completely renovated in 2012, the Val-de-Moder swimming pool offers a 400m² pool. This pool includes a sports section with 3 swimming lines and a fun and leisure section with entertainment: river, swan neck, bubble bench and massage jets. A paddling pool will welcome the little ones and includes a hedgehog and a small slide. Functional and welcoming sanitary locker rooms are available to swimmers.

The set is surrounded by a vast green space which will welcome you for your family relaxation, 4 picnic sets are installed there.

More information: https://commune-valdemoder.fr/culture-loisirs/la-piscine

Practical information and services

Children (ages) concerned
0 2-years
3 6-years
7 12-years
13 18-years


Children: Free
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