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Baggage Museum


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  • Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara
  • Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara
  • Luggage Museum - city of Haguenau
  • Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara
  • Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara
  • Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara
Trunks, bags and suitcases… 200 pieces, exceptional pieces, unique pieces, unusual pieces, intriguing or innovative pieces. The new scenography finally makes it possible to find all the rich and abundant collection of Marie and Jean-Philippe Rolland. The Museum offers a real immersion between luggage, adventures and discoveries, rapid or long journeys, between History and the history of men.

The spirit of the exhibition, imagined by Studio Cynara is intended to be close to that of an Ali Baba's cave where wood and metal chests, leather trunks and travel kits mingle and intermingle. in precious wood.
Little by little, the visitor walks through the spaces presenting the modes of transport between the stagecoach, the train, the car and the liners as well as the evolutions of shapes and materials used for the manufacture of the trunks.

We also discuss the human aspect behind each piece of luggage. Whether you are an artist, explorer, soldier, Sunday walker or a wealthy person, the baggage adapts to the needs of man and accompanies him in his daily life and his discoveries.
Packing trunks is an art that can be learned and tamed over time if you don't want to find yourself in difficulty when traveling. A space presents the major brands of trunk maker, between Vuitton and its famous monogram, Goyard, Moynat ...

Last but not least, a new space has been created and reproduces the trunkmaker's workshop where we discover the tools (planer, saw, chignole, cookie cutter, etc.) and materials such as leather, wicker, metals, textiles and different woods. The Luggage Museum, warm and immersive, appeals to the local public as well as those passionate about crafts and luxury as well as collectors.

Every Sunday and every public holiday, guided tour of the luggage museum at 15 p.m.
Every first Saturday of the month, guided tour dramatized by the Théâtre des 2 axes at 15 p.m.

Combined ticket for the 3 museums of Haguenau (Historical, Alsatian and Luggage), valid for 2 days: €6 (reduced €3)

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Adult: 4 €
Children: 2 €
School groups: Free
Students: 2 €
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Free (age limit): 14
Other reductions: Combined ticket for the 3 museums of Haguenau (Historical, Alsatian and Luggage), valid for 2 days: €6 (reduced €3). Free for holders of the Museums Pass Musées and the Bas-Rhin Gourmet Passport


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