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Are you more in the mood for relaxation, adventure, gluttony or cultural discovery today? The Land of Haguenau welcomes you and will satisfy you!

In the Land of Haguenau, you can immerse yourself in history through our museums and our heritage, reconnect to the nature in the forest, discover the secrets of making the famous local pretzel, dive into the world of Alsatian breweries, discover an ancestral art in the potters workshops...

Between essential tourist experiences and discovery of nuggets and visits off the beaten track, let us inspire you. Discover our activity ideas, organize your itinerary and make the most of your stay ... whatever you want!

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Pottery Museum - © Pottery Museum

Pottery Museum

Clay from the Rhine plain has been used since the time of polished stone. In 1850, 30 villages…
Laub Museum - ©VilledeBischwiller

Laub Museum

Located in the heart of the city, in the former XNUMXth century Common House, the museum is dedicated ...
Circuit Claude Vigée - ©villedebischwiller

Claude Vigée circuit

Claude Vigée was a poet, born in 1921 in Bischwiller and forced, during the Second World War ...
House of Arts - City of Bischwiller

House of the Arts

The Maison des Arts presents the City's fine arts collection. This old house ...
Outdoor swimming pool - ©VilleBischwiller

Outdoor swimming pool

The Bischwiller open-air swimming pool offers the following facilities: - a pool…
Garden - Farandole for the curious - Régine RODRIGUES

Garden - Farandole for the curious

Nestled in a city labeled 3 flowers, this garden is romantic, inspired by the countryside...
Archaeological Museum - OTP

Musée Archéologique

The vaulted cellars of the former Hanau-Lichtenberg castle, built in 1717 and transformed ...
Multi-Sliding Area - © Ariane Pitsilis

Multi-Sliding Area

The multi-sports area, the city stadium and the sports equipment of the Rémy Huckel Complex welcome you to…
Fun Parc - Delphine Thiam - Fun Parc

Fun park

Ideally located in a forest of oaks and beeches, Fun Parc welcomes you to the lake…
Staircase Garden - Michelle Schneider

Staircase Garden

A pergola marks the entrance to the garden. A gravel path bordered by a space ...
Brumath Arboretum - © City of Brumath

Brumath Arboretum

In the extension of the Stephansfeld park behind the cemetery, more than 230 trees…
BAX Bowling, Bar & Leisure - BAX Bowling

BAX Bowling, Bar & Leisure

BAX Bowling, Bar & Loisirs in Brumath is an incredible space of 6500 m², 100% fun and…
Workshop - Aymery and Nathalie Rolland Huckel - Nathalie Rolland-Huckel

Workshop - Aymery and Nathalie Rolland Huckel

Aymery Rolland workshop on the ground floor and Show-room upstairs. Discover exhibitions from ...
The Bretzel Factory - © The Bretzel Factory

The Bretzels Factory

Want to go out today? Discover the history of pretzel! What…
Historical Museum - Museums of Haguenau

Historical Museum

Built between 1900 and 1905 in a neo-renaissance style, the museum houses collections that…
Outdoor sports in the heart of Haguenau! - DJS_City of Haguenau

Outdoor sport in the heart of Haguenau!

Recently a brand new outdoor sports and wellness area has emerged in Haguenau in…
Alsatian Museum - Museums of Haguenau

Alsatian Museum

Former chancellery of the end of the XNUMXth century, it is the most concrete vestige of the ancients…
Christmas festivities in Haguenau - Emmanuel Viverge_TMT_Photos

Christmas festivities in Haguenau

Christmas in Alsace is also in the Pays de Haguenau! From Haguenau to Bischwiller (a Saint-Nicolas…
Sky-delivery - Pixabay

sky delivery

Come and discover skydiving with our team of professional skydivers…
Bowling - Megarex - Bowling Megarex

Bowling - Megarex

16-lane bowling with fun atmosphere (fluorescent lanes - fluorescent balls). "The Joker" is a ...
Christmas treasure hunt - Cyrille Fleckinger

Christmas treasure hunt

Set off in the illuminated streets of Haguenau. The puzzles that punctuate this hunt ...
Cinema - Megarex - Cinema Megarex

Cinema - Megarex

8 movie theaters, with giant screens, digital sound and very comfortable armchairs, to do the ...
The corner trunk - Luggage dream - Marie Rolland

The corner trunk - Baggage dream

A couple passionate about trunks, know-how, the restoration of old luggage and ...
Microbrewery - The refuge - Raphaël GILLET

Microbrewery - The refuge

The artisanal microbrewery - Le Refuge offers to welcome you in its tasting area in…
Bowl d'Hag - Indoor skatepark - City of Haguenau

Bowl d'Hag - Indoor Skatepark

Indoor space dedicated to urban sliding sports (rollerblading, BMX, skateboarding, scooter). 900 m²…
Spa - The Canopy - Europe Haguenau

Spa - La Canopy

Treat yourself to the luxury of a moment just for yourself, and escape the stress of everyday life while enjoying ...
Exit - Psychamarche - Audrey Bauerlé

Exit - Psychamarche

The Psychamarche is an innovative therapeutic activity linking a complete sport, the…
Tourist circuit to discover the city of Haguenau - Emmanuel_VIVERGE

Tourist circuit to discover the city of Haguenau

Discover the city center of Haguenau through 2 pedestrian circuits! Find it ...
The new aquatic center - Nautiland - ©Alexandre Schauer

The new aquatic center - Nautiland

Nautiland, legendary and first aquatic center built in 1984 in Haguenau, is proud and happy ...
Forest itself - Valérie WAECHTER

Forest in itself

Let yourself be carried away by the present moment, by your 5 senses, and by wonder.…
Outdoor swimming pool - Les Pins - City of Haguenau_DJS

Outdoor swimming pool - Les Pins

Enjoy the 2 heated pools of the Haguenau outdoor swimming pool. For the little ones, a…
Baggage Museum - Studio Cynara

Baggage Museum

Trunks, bags and suitcases… 200 pieces, exceptional pieces, unique pieces, pieces…
Villa Meteor - Marie-Helene Mattern

Villa Meteor

In a fabulous site, live a unique and fun experience around the production of beer ...
Alsa Surf - ©otpsl

Alsa Surf

- OPENING on May 25th - For thrill seekers, a…
Spa La Source des Sens - ©La Source des Sens

La Source des Sens Spa

Morsbronn les Bains
Designed by Anne and Pierre Weller, the Spa de la Source des Sens invites you on a journey to…
Home of the Sisters of the Most Holy Savior - ©Home of the Sisters of the Most Holy Savior

Home of the Sisters of the Most Holy Savior

The reception house of the Sisters of the Most Holy Savior offers you the opportunity to take a walk ...
Locks Adventure - Quiz Boxing - Frederic Hiff

Locks Adventure - Boxing Quiz

Schweighouse on Moder
Quiz Boxing is a very fashionable new game: unlike an Escape Game where you have to…
Locks Adventure - Live escape game - Frédéric Hiff

Locks Adventure - Live escape game

Schweighouse on Moder
Ready to live a unique experience with moments of joy, suspense but above all a lot of…
The bread museum - © Agglomeration Community of Haguenau

The bread museum

From grain of wheat to bread. Created in 1995 in an old Alsatian house restored by…
Outdoor swimming pool - Commune Val-de-Moder

Outdoor swimming pool

Val de Moder
The communal open-air swimming pool is located Place de la Piscine with an entrance and parking access…
Craft brewery - Brasserie_Uberach

Craft brewery

Val de Moder
Manufacture and sale of craft beers and gift boxes. Guided tours and tastings…
A city of images and history, a circuit to discover it - City of Pfaffenhoffen

A city of images and history, a circuit to discover it

Val de Moder
City of images, it offers all modes of representation in its Image Museum ...
Popular Image Museum - Photo credit: MIPP, Commune Val de Moder

Popular Image Museum

Val de Moder
Located in a beautiful Renaissance building, the museum presents a local tradition that has been forgotten today.…
Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945 - ©2MCLADN

Walbourg Memorial Museum 1870-1945

Since 2020, this museum has offered an exhibition space of more than 462 m² with more than 3…