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  • Exhibition "Young people from around the world" - Julie Gicquel
At the start of 2021, the City of Haguenau organized a competition entitled “Young people from around the world”. The ultimate idea is to organize an exhibition "outside the walls" to bring faces and emotions back to the street. 178 artistic creations were received, the competition was a great success!
Open on January 25, 2021, the competition gave the opportunity to candidates, aged 3 to 25, to express themselves "plastically" (drawing, painting, photo ...) by representing faces from around the world, looks and expressions or even attitudes.
They had the opportunity to design their creation (s) in a very personal and free way: colors, format, techniques, subjects covered, etc.

The winning creations, but also other creations received thanks to the competition, are currently exhibited outdoors, in the city center of Haguenau, a way of dressing living spaces and bringing smiles and emotions back to the street. It is possible to see them by looking up in the Grand'Rue and in the rue Georges Clémenceau with the presence of 10 '' across the street ''. The exhibition is also present on the walls of several buildings: Place d'Armes, rue Meyer, fish market, Maison des Sports ... Discover very soon the location of each artistic creation through an interactive map.
In the process of being installed in the city center!

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