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Locks Adventure
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Schweighouse on Moder
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This concept is based on the same principle as an indoor Escape Game, with the only difference, you play it from home!
We have made it a point of honor to offer you an activity that is just as fun as in our rooms. This is why our Escapes Game at home can be picked up at our premises.
As you can see, at Locks Adventure we offer more than just an Escape Game on paper!
Always as a team and like an indoor Escape Game, your Adventure will be strewn with pitfalls. You will need to work as a team, share information and be well organized.
Observation, communication and organization therefore remain the key words for success.

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Type of hike, organized visit, activity
Rally / treasure hunts / other hunting
Group workforce: Maxi
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Mandatory reservation
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Reservation via the website: LocksAdventure.fr


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For all
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Locks Adventure


10 € / person

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